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Welcome to the Scouting BSA Troop 1855 website!  Troop 1855's Troop of Boys and Troop of Girls are chartered by Journey Church in Folsom, California, and part of the American River District of the Golden Empire Council.  We serve youth in Folsom and the surrounding communities to further the mission of the Boy Scouts of America:  To prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

Both our Troop of Boys and Troop of Girls meet on Mondays at Journey Church, Folsom. PLC meets on the 1st Monday of the month. Troop Committee meets 1st Thursday of the month.

Troop 1855 is grateful for any donations.  Your donation will go directly to assist our scouts to have an exciting and educational year-round program. Please note the purpose of the donation in the comment section of your payment, ie: Christmas tree recycling, John Doe scout account, etc.  You can make a donation at http://paypal.me/boyscouttroop1855

If you have any questions, please call or email:
Christmas Tree Recycling: Andrew Tweet, (916) 216-8705, xmastreerecycling@troop1855.org  
Treasurer:  Mike Damico, (916) 716-4616, treasurer@troop1855.org 
Committee Chair:  Dawn Leckie, (530) 310-2828, committeechair@troop1855.org 
Scoutmaster - Boys Troop: Laurel Raleigh-Klimowicz, (714) 809-4451, scoutmaster@troop1855.org
Scoutmaster - Girls Troop: Fergus Leckie (530) 310-5828, smgirls@troop1855.org

Weblos Woods Summary

Posted on Oct 21 2021 - 4:52pm

Webleos Woods is where older scouts help teach young webelos skills that they can learn in scouting, and to introduce cub scouts to BSA and to our troop. On Friday 10/15/21 we unloaded the Troop trailer and set up the tents for the troop and the webelos, and made lashings for the archway and movie screen. We ate dinner and an hour later and watched a movie. On Saturday we had breakfast and made our lunch for later. We did a service project where we cleaned out fire pits in campsites. After that, we ate our lunches and waited for the webelos to arrive. Once they got to the campsites they chose their tents and formed the webelos patrols which were red, blue, and green. We participated in the opening flag ceremony and then the webelos did activities like first aid, whittling, and knife safety, and the webelos participated in fire safety. After the activities were finished, we went on a 2-mile hike. Once we completed the hike we got ready for dinner. We ate pizzadillas for dinner. After dinner, we went to the campfire to watch the patrols’ skits and to retire some of our old American flags. We enjoyed Cracker Barrel and dutch oven desserts. Finally, on Sunday we ate breakfast and listened to the Chaplain and Chaplains Aid conduct a Scout's Own service. Later, we broke down camp and made sure that we left the campsites clean. Once we were done packing up and played some team games.

Troop Updated COVID Guidelines as of 09/12/2021

Posted on Sep 16 2021 - 9:25pm

As Covid-19 cases increase due to the Delta variant, Sacramento County Public Health has changed its recommendations in outdoor settings.  They now strongly recommend students and staff also wear face coverings in outdoor settings, especially where people are in close contact with one another. To limit the risk of spreading the virus during Troop 1855 events, we ask participants to wear face coverings during our meetings and activities, both outside and inside.   In order to continue to meet in person and keep our Scouting families safe, please follow these recommendations.  Thank you for your understanding as we continue to navigate through this health crisis.  

Personal Fitness Merit Badge group session coming soon...

Posted on Sep 16 2021 - 5:28pm

The Personal Fitness merit badge will be offered to the troop starting in late September (once the Caldor fire is contained and air quality returns to a more healthy level.)   Sessions will be held Friday evenings at 6:45 PM every two weeks at the Folsom Middle School track.  Keep a lookout/ear out for the official announcement. If you are interested in this merit badge sign-up here: https://forms.gle/yCnPLmyx5Du8hPv28 

Philmont Scout Ranch Summary

Posted on Sep 16 2021 - 5:27pm

The Philmont Scout Ranch is one of the four high adventure bases. At philmont there are numerous different treks that you can go on. Most of them consisting of an adversary of 80 miles carrying 50 pounds on your back. Once we got off the bus, we waited for a few minutes, and we were running from there. We met our guide, got all our gear, and had a gear check the day before we got on the trail.Our bus came late to bring us to the trailhead but we were able to get to camp before dark.We Had a hard time setting up camp on day #2, as we were all freezing and none of us wanted to move. Eventually,though, we got quicker and quicker when setting up/taking down camp. After that, when it wasn’t raining, we saw some pretty amazing views. At a few camps we overlooked all of philmont.We, just like every other crew, had a sister crew with the exact same agenda as us. Our sister crew heralded from Huntsville, AL, and they were pretty interesting. We talked to and messed around with them for the whole trip.We also got the chance to see the national scout museum. They had lots of cool artifacts, including the first ever eagle medal. I (Dylan) had the opportunity to test out everybody's camp chairs, because I didn't bring one (I thought my sleeping pad would suffice, but the ground was so muddy I wouldn't have been able to sleep on it). The least comfortable chair that I sat on was Trenton's tiny pad on top of a log. The most comfortable chair was either Landon's or Mr. Beckman's.

Mr. Klimowicz- Helinox Chair Zero, Trenton - Z-seat sit pad, Trevor - ABCCANOPY Ultralight Portable Lightweight Chair, Mr. Damico & Ryan - Trekology YIZI GO Portable Camping Chair, Mr. Beckman - Big Agnes Mica Basin, Landon - MARCHWAY Lightweight Folding High Back Camping Chair with Headrest, Mr. Bradner & Grayson - REI Flexlite or REI Flexlite Air

Troop 1855 Updated COVID Guidelines

Posted on Aug 2 2021 - 8:31am

7/30/2021: In accordance with the current Sacramento County Guidelines, all attendees (Scouts, Scouters, or non-registered family members) will be required to wear masks for all in-door scouting activities, regardless of vaccination status. This guidance will remain in place for as long as the order does or as recommended by the GEC.

Event summary of Sea base

Posted on Aug 1 2021 - 11:06am

Our sea base journey began on June 2nd, as we flew to Denver and then Florida for a combined time of around 10 hours. We then arrived in Miami at around 12 o’clock, and toured it the next day, visiting several art districts as well as exploring a wide range of delectable treats at a famous cuban bakery, then traveling to islamorada for the beginning of our boat trip. I would say that miami from my limited experience there looked exactly how I expected it to look, a lot of dense, flat colored suburbs surrounding a sprawling downtown area dominated by high rise apartments, encompassing a bay that was filled with yachts and mansions. We took a very scenic drive to sea base, first passing through a wetland area, and then hopping from very flat, small, mangrove populated islands only connected by roadways to our destination. As soon as we arrived, we gathered our gear and took a quick lesson on how to exit a boat for snorkeling, then met our captain and filled our (pretty small) boat with gear. As soon as our boat set off, and as I woke up the next morning for breakfast, I soon realized how quickly and effectively seasickness would befall me as the combined smell of saltwater, motor oil, and wood in the hot air consistently and effectively churned out vomit quicker than a fast food restaurant systematically churning out burgers. Apart from that experience, one thing we all enjoyed immensely was snorkeling. Mountains of coral underneath the water provided a home for large multicolored fish, smaller blue and yellow fish, as well as tiny, grouped up fish that were coordinated with each other, and the occasional spiny lobster that would scare me suddenly. We then stopped midway through the journey to stop at a small port area for refueling. There we had fun kayaking along narrow waterways encompassed by mangroves, as well as exploring the various trails and roads along a mangrove forest. As we arrived at base camp after our journey, we were greeted by a luau in which we competed in ping pong and limbo competitions, both of which we were promptly destroyed in. We then headed to an alligator farm, where we held a baby alligator and took a riverboat ride, then visited a tropical fruit store, where I tried some of the weirdest looking fruits I have ever seen, as well as the best tasting I have ever had. We then visited cocoa beach, stopping in ron jon surf shop, and then having the best pizza I have ever tried in my entire life. The next day we visited disney world, which was one of the most surreal experiences for me because I had not visited there in more than eight years. It was a very nostalgic and fun experience going on rides I had constantly heard about but never experienced. However, the rides were not quite as thrilling as I experienced as my limited memory from my 6 year old brain remembered, although it was still very fun and a bucket list experience. We then visited hollywood studios, which had significantly more fun rides such as tower of terror and the new star wars land, which held very fun and interesting food options. Our final destination was epcot, which I had initially expected to be not very based in reality in how it portrayed the countries it had attractions for, but to my surprise it definitely seemed as if disney had done their research. Overall it was a very fun experience, I would recommend that this is the first high adventure base you visit as a boy scout, as it does not hold the physical requirements that philmont and northern tier do. I will definitely plan to at least visit the miami or cocoa beach area again sometime in the future if I do not visit there again as a boy scout.

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