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Welcome to the Scouting BSA Troop 1855 website!  Troop 1855's Troop of Boys and Troop of Girls are chartered by Journey Church in Folsom, California and part of the El Dorado District of the Golden Empire Council.  We serve youth in Folsom and the surrounding communities to further the Mission of the Boy Scouts of America:  To prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

Both our Troop of Boys and Troop of Girls meet on Mondays at Journey Church, Folsom. PLC meets 1st Monday of the month. Troop Committee meets 1st Thursday of the month.

Troop 1855 is grateful for any donations.  Your donation will go directly to assist our scouts have an exciting and educational year-round program. Please note the purpose of the donation in the comment section of your payment, ie: Christmas tree recycling, John Doe scout account, etc.  You can make a donation at: http://paypal.me/boyscouttroop1855

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Grover Hot Springs

Posted on Mar 9 2020 - 6:06pm

"Wow! This was my first time snow camping and it was also my favorite camping experience. We got to the Grover Hot Springs Campsite at about 7 p.m. Friday night and the first thing we did was set up our tents. After we were done with that and we were all set up we ate dinner, had a little bit of hot cocoa or cider, got cozy in our sleeping bags and went to sleep. When we woke up we were in for a surprise, it was snowing everywhere! We had a delicious breakfast of pancakes, turkey sausages, and orange juice. Next was the highlight of the trip, the hot springs! The kids walked to the springs early and waited for the parents a little way above the hot springs and learned how they worked. When the parents finally got there we were ready to get in the water and get comfortable. We got in line and when we got in, we changed into our swimming clothes as fast as we could and got into the hot water. Ssssss, it was so warm and comfortable. After getting warm in the hot pool some people went to the cold pool and played around. Eventually, we had to get out and go back but we felt super refreshed. When we got back we ate turkey dogs, chili, chips, and pink lemonade and played around in a nearby river. When we got tired we came back and went on a hike to a waterfall. It was really beautiful. When we got back we made a fire and cooked our dinner with dutch ovens. While the dinner was cooking we played 20 questions and Mafia. Oops, the bread that we needed for our desert was accidentally used for dinner. Well, at least we had more dinner! When the dinner was finally ready we paused our Mafia game and got up to eat our dinner. It was soo good! We had Dutchaladas (Chicken Enchiladas made in a dutch oven) and Cheesy Garlic Rolls. We went back to our Mafia game only to find out the adults had found out how to made monkey bread but they changed the recipe and made a new dessert named "Buttery Pecan Pudding Bread" which was, in my opinion, better than the original dessert, Monkey Bread. After dessert, we sat by the fire a little longer and went to sleep. Sunday morning it wasn't snowing but it was cold nonetheless. We had a classic breakfast of oatmeal, croissants, and muffins. We packed up our stuff and put away the tents and did a trash sweep. Finally, we left camp and played 6-7 rounds of disc golf just north of Markleeville. It was sunny and a lot of nicer weather than at camp. All in all, this camp was one of the best camps I've been to in my life!"

Weblos Woods

Posted on Oct 27 2019 - 6:09pm
The Webelos Woods is a troop recruitment event for cub scouts.  Some scouts arrived Friday night to help set up the camp and to do the Geology merit badge. Saturday morning the scouts who were there Friday night got breakfast, then the scouts finished the geology merit badge and did a service project. After the service project more scouts arrived to help with the Webelos, we ate lunch and then the Webelos started arriving, the scouts escorted the Webelos down to their tents, we then did a flag ceremony, and then Webelos did some of their activities. At 2 o'clock the Webelos and the scouts went on a 3-mile geocaching hike. When they got back they did some more activities and then ate dinner. After dinner, everyone went up to the amphitheater for the campfire and a flag retirement ceremony. After the campfire, we ate some delicious dutch oven desserts and everyone went to bed. Sunday morning everyone packed up and some people left. Later in the morning the remaining Webelos and Scouts went down to the water and had a fun time canoeing and swimming in Folsom lake.

Philmont High Adventure Camp Summary

Posted on Oct 21 2019 - 6:01pm
 The geography, wildlife and plant life at Philmont are amazing. On our 12 day trek we hiked through multiple landscapes from flat plains to dense forest. From the top of Mt Baldy at 12,441 feet we saw individual clouds pouring rain, mountain peaks in Colorado, patches of snow, and the tiniest wildflowers.  We saw Indian rock carvings and an abandoned gold mine. We participated in mountain biking, a cope course, spar pole climbing, burro wrangling (I mean packing), gold panning, and shooting black powder rifles. Philmont is difficult, not physically but mentally. We sweated from the heat, shivered from the hail storm and soaked up the sun. At the end of the trek we felt we’d accomplished something great.

Camp Winton 2019 - Scout Summary

Posted on Jul 29 2019 - 7:35pm

On Sunday, June 23rd, we left for Camp Winton. We started with about a two hour drive to Pioneer, California. We arrived at the trailhead and did the mile hike into camp. When we got to camp we unpacked and the adventure started. The camp was on Bear River Reservoir with a beautiful view. Every morning and evening we would go to flagpole Rock which, in my opinion, has an amazing view. Scouts could choose from a variety of different merit badges. They were all fun and educating. They even had a spoof merit badge, the duct tape merit badge. In our free time, there were many things to do. You could go to the open swim, the trading post, open shoots for archery, rifle, and shotgun, and sometimes they had an open climb. First class scouts and above could participate in the adventure team. The adventure team did things like go on Hikes and overnight capture the flag. There was also the opportunity to do the mile swim. The water was pretty chilly compared to past years, but still warmer than Lassen. Our troop participated in a few different service projects. We made trails around our campsite, we made the totem poles sturdier, some of the scouts replaced carpet squares for the staff, and a few Scouts helped clean the bathrooms. We had three campfires two were put on by the staff and one was put on by the scouts. They were fun and included lots of songs and skits. Overall Camp Winton was a blast and a great opportunity to complete merit badges and get requirements signed off. I would definitely recommend this Camp to everyone.

First Class Trail - Scout Summary

Posted on Jul 4 2019 - 7:40pm
At First Class Trail, we made a zip line crossing over a small valley, and almost everybody at the camp out helped make it. After that tepees were constructed for the lashing requirement. Once the tepees were made the older patrols helped the first year scouts learn knots and lashings, and other first class requirements. At the end of the camp out we went on a 5 mile orienteering hike, on the hike we went around part of Folsom lake using maps and compasses to orient ourselves in the right direction. While on the hike we had a small quiz on how to use the compass and map for directions. 

2019 Escape Room - Scout Summary

Posted on May 13 2019 - 8:03am

Two rooms were booked at Escape Folsom. There were a total of 13 scouts trying to escape.  We were divided in to two groups of seven and sent to our rooms.  Unfortunately, we did not make it out on time but we were close!  We had a great time and would try again!!

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